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Repo Man South East Asia tour tape

Image of Repo Man South East Asia tour tape


Tape released by Repo Man for their 2009 Tour through South East Asia.

Red Tape

Fuck yes! This is an "Australian Rules" rock 'n' roll scrimmage from hell! These psychotic punks from Sydney capture the thrash mania started in Orange County, California when that dangerous area was occupied by Costa Mesa skins and punks that thought BLACK FLAG was the best punk band in existence! (They were right!) The disparate similarities between New South Wales and Southern California are easily demostrated with the REPOMAN Quality Time EP. Side A smashes you in the fce with "Going Insane" and "Discharged", Fuck! This is Brutal Thrash with a capital "B"! The vocals are possessed by demons! The guitars churn deep in your bowels! Get the fuck out of way! The B-side features "Push Me To Far" and "Radiation", with all the thrash imperatives in place! Yes! The excellent REPOMAN EP has brilliant chugging punk guitar sound coupled with some top-notch hardcore vocals.